News Flash:
  • Mark Numbers is only the second head coach in the team’s history.
  • The Highland Rugby Foundation today announced that Highland Rugby will return.
  • “Highland Rugby is an important part of the Highland community and we look forward to welcoming the team back under the leadership of Coach Numbers,”
16 -December -2017 - 07:32


Larry Gelwix

Larry Gelwix is not only dedicated to training good rugby players, but in turning out good, responsible men. His motto throughout his 33-year coaching career at Highland High School, “Be forever strong on the field, so you can be forever strong off the field,” has inspired countless teenage boys and serves as the driving force behind an unstoppable rugby powerhouse. The Highland Rugby team has amassed 18 national championships under Coach’s watch. His record since 1975 is 379 wins, 9 losses. 

Coach Gelwix serves as chairman and CEO of Columbus Travel, and also works as the Getaway Guru on KUTV and KNRS radio, which is syndicated on various stations throughout the Intermountain West. Coach and his wife, Kathy, are the parents of five children and live in Salt Lake City. 

"It's not about rugby, it's about young men. It's not about building a championship team. It's about building championship boys, boys who will be forever strong."

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