News Flash:
  • Mark Numbers is only the second head coach in the team’s history.
  • The Highland Rugby Foundation today announced that Highland Rugby will return.
  • “Highland Rugby is an important part of the Highland community and we look forward to welcoming the team back under the leadership of Coach Numbers,”
23 -February -2018 - 10:59

Highland Rugby Haka Videos

2008 - The new haka unveiled at Nationals this weekend in Pittsburgh

2009 - This is NATIONAL CHAMPION Highland Rugby club performing their haka for the Utah United team.

Highland Rugby Last Haka for Coach Gelwix

Mark Toth (21.04.2012 (20:14:17))
Hawaiian influence Yes No Where does the Hawaiian influences come from in regards to the movie and team???
sam (28.05.2012 (03:04:22))
Yes No love hawka!!!
sione (24.06.2012 (01:08:50))
Haka Yes No As a kid that played rugby in nz and been an ALL BLACKS fan all my life,I'm disapointed in the haka that you guys perform.The movement of the fingers and bodies has to be perfected cause I'm very insulted with watching the videos and it's not doing it right,it's very disapointing to me cause we took Maori classes as we grew up in NZ.Should look in to those details and learn it to all players so it perfected instead of just trying to rush things.
Jake Truscott (22.10.2013 (18:53:27))
Response to Sione Yes No Dear Sione,I understand you were raised in the Maori nation of New Zealand, and I have nothing but respect for your nation. However, calm yourself. The United States was never a nation founded on Maori tribal rituals, and living in a state founded on the principals of Mormonism, peace, and love, it is a miracle that these boys are able to perform such a ritual with such passion and love for everything that they do. Being from New Zealand, I can understand how you don't see how much of an impact these boys and their club has had on rugby in our Nation. More than half of Highland Rugby players will play D-I Rugby and represent the United States in International Play. Needless to say, these boys and Jesuit High School (CA), are the driving forces of American Rugby at a High School level. I see nothing wrong with how these boys perform their haka, nor should you. If they copied the ALL BLACKS, then why should they even do it? Originality in perfecting culture is key.
Mike Elayache (18.12.2013 (15:42:16))
Yes No Quote :
Where does the Hawaiian influences come from in regards to the movie and team???

The Haka is a traditional ancestral war dance used for many generations by the Māori people of New Zealand to either challenge or intimidate their opposition.
Rylie (10.03.2014 (06:31:50))
Interested in Learning More Yes No I first saw haka of any sort in the movie "Forever Strong" at my sunday Bible study, and it was incredible. I would love to learn the words (and motions) to the haka performed in the movie, as well as the English translation. Could someone please point me to a resource to find this? Thanks!



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