News Flash:
  • Mark Numbers is only the second head coach in the team’s history.
  • The Highland Rugby Foundation today announced that Highland Rugby will return.
  • “Highland Rugby is an important part of the Highland community and we look forward to welcoming the team back under the leadership of Coach Numbers,”
23 -February -2018 - 10:57

Highland Rugby Foundation

The Highland Rugby Foundation is a registered §501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation formed to preserve the organization's purpose, which is to, through sport, train and mentor young men for the challenges of life. Since its inception in 1976, the Highland Rugby program has sought to create champion teams and champion young men. This emphasis on hard work, skill and character has resulted in tremendous success both on and off the field. The Highland Rugby Foundation exists to assure the on-going integrity of Highland Rugby, its mission and purpose and to assure the organization's long-term success and sustainability.

Aaliyah (30.05.2013 (23:17:45))
Love the team Yes No I have love rugby for numbers of years and went to play but I'm a girl.... But I just went to say keep up the good work and keep winning you will always have my support and to the coach I love the sayings you and the team say before the games and I us it in my every day life it inspires me so thanks
Kim Owens (16.07.2013 (22:44:34))
Emotional support Yes No Awesome. All of America should adopt this style of training both on the field and off, in the school and out. Its story makes me wish I had been a chosen one. Thank you for what you stand for! I can only hope that my daughter should be lucky enough to come by such great standards in her life as the young men have come by at Highland High. Never let it end!
Ben Richins (02.03.2014 (16:50:56))
Highland Rugby Yes No Good afternoon,
My question is about purchasing a HIghland Rugby Sweatshirt. If you could please get back to me. thanks



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