News Flash:
  • Mark Numbers is only the second head coach in the team’s history.
  • The Highland Rugby Foundation today announced that Highland Rugby will return.
  • “Highland Rugby is an important part of the Highland community and we look forward to welcoming the team back under the leadership of Coach Numbers,”
23 -February -2018 - 11:01

Mark Numbers

Mark Numbers - Head Coach of Highland Rugby Salt Lake CityMark Numbers played rugby and football at Highland from 1992‐1996 and was a member of three national championship teams during that time. From 1999‐2003, he played rugby at the University of Utah and was a member of Utah’s 2002 runner‐up national championship team. From 2004‐2005, he played for the Haggis rugby club and was a member of its 2005 national championship team. From 2004‐2007, Mark was the head coach of the University of Utah’s men’s rugby team, leading Utah to a runner‐up national championship in 2005.