News Flash:
  • Mark Numbers is only the second head coach in the team’s history.
  • The Highland Rugby Foundation today announced that Highland Rugby will return.
  • “Highland Rugby is an important part of the Highland community and we look forward to welcoming the team back under the leadership of Coach Numbers,”
23 -February -2018 - 10:56

Highland Rugby Videos

Here you can find a few videos found on YouTube. If there are more videos that you would like to see added to the Utah Highland Rugby site, please let us know.

David (10.08.2012 (20:14:40))
Yes No after waiting forever strong I love highlander rugby
Mark (06.10.2012 (13:11:30))
Rugby, sports, honor, truth, strength & spirit. Yes No Awesome movie, I am now a fan of the Highland rugby team & feel spiritually connected in a way. I wish there was rugby here in Canada back in my day. I'm 51 y.o. I only played pick up football but tackle with no equipment as I was into kung fu, judo, dim mak & shoot wrestling & was a solid believer that one could push them selves body, soul & spirit past what they or anyone thought or would say one could. If people told me something was impossible it only made me believe I could do it more.I became one of the top martial arts instructors in Ontario.I am one of 4 white men in the western hemisphere that was taught & trusted to become a dim mak student. I have never needed to use it as it is all death touch tech. I learned humility, truth, honesty,& love are a great strength. I retired at 137wins 1 loose. The coach for the Highland Rugby team is a far better man then I for he has, does & continues to make real men!I was a great student but not good at teaching. May he teach forever!
Mark (06.10.2012 (13:45:26))
making men who will become lighthouses & guide all who follow the light! Yes No I wish & pray that I will come to know my physical gift & only hope that I can make a difference in even just a few lives. I have always & will always hold tight to my believes that are melded in my soul & spirit. They are= don't lie(be honest even if it hurts)treat others the way I wish to be treated, use your words to lift others up not cut them down, be a positive roll model with what you do not just say! (actions speak loader then words) don't make excuses, A real man can say that they were wrong, but then make it right. Give to those in need be it material, or deeds or support, & finally always separate the deed from the person. (It's Okay to get mad at the action but remember there are so many things to take into consideration ie. age, influence, emotion ect. look at the person as a house, some are still being built, they need cleaning & upkeep. We are all at a different place & time in our lives so look at the finished project not at what it looked like or looks like now!
Zack Haney (23.11.2012 (00:36:58))
My own thoughs and are school needs it. Yes No Rugby sounds and looks like a game that will bring a team together and become brothers. Also my school needs one here in florida cause people around here at my school don't like each other that much. But then if they play rugby they will learn to work as a team then the hatred would stop. But Forever Strong is an amazing movie it teachs you a life lesson. And i Love their saying. Don't dishonor Yourself,your family,your team. But then now a days people are all into that drinkings drugs and girls and sex it drives me crazy that they don't understand that could mess their life up really well.
david lee jewett (29.01.2013 (13:16:17))
Yes No i hope i can make the team this year im a senior
and the movie forver strong made me want tojoin really bad because i feel i need more dissipline
karen mccall (19.02.2013 (22:51:10))
inspried Yes No After watching forever strong it inspried me even more to encourage the kids of my town in nc and how much I belive in my heart that every coach should be the way the coach for them is.. I've always belived that encouragement. Just like this is what it takes to have team mates be more family both on thw feild and off I'm going to try and incourage all caochs to watch forever strong and to teach all our players to be just like the players on there are godbless and thank you to the highland ruggby team this is my sons junior yr next yr will be his last yr of high school football and I want to make it as special and the biggeast mem he will have of all his school yrs
Valentin (28.07.2013 (16:38:35))
The way you play Yes No You are rugbiers in every way! You have the sprit of Rugby. You are brothers in and out of the field. I play rugby here in Uruguay, but we don´t have such spirit as you do.
Ben (04.11.2013 (19:33:00))
Yes No Do you need to go to highland high school to play for highland? And how old do you have to be?
zoey Breitkreutz (04.03.2014 (22:17:07))
Yes No I saw the movie forever strong and I wanted to find out more about the highland rugby (Btw I love forever strong and I love how its based on a true Story and I was wondering if the Curtis story was true)
johnjwillard (12.03.2014 (21:42:57))
The Warrior Roars Yes No "It is within our deep strength, against impossible odds, that a real moment arrives, this moment is only between yourself and god, it is here where the warrior is born, for there is no other choice, victory is the unknown step taken in faith" johnjwillard

p.s. I was an alone wolf warrior in my journey, in 2000, I took a leap of faith to climb the impossible mountain of enlightenment, I was sorely challenged at every step, I stand now, at the base of this mountain climbed, pointing to others, against all impossible odds, I now smile, celebrating the victory with all & everyone, to the young men of today, all I can say is, leave it all on the field, you are in graces hand, Roar warriors Roar, "it is in your pure heart that will guide through the turmoil, to act upon the tasks that are unrewarding, it is here, where these little steps, taken daily, make you the champion, the warrior, the man you are or will be, best of Luck, jjw



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